Trekking in Mercantour: Itinerary through the Valley of Marvels.

Trekking in the Valley of Wonders: an exceptional experience in the Mercantour

Located in the Mercantour Massif, the Valley of Wonders is a remarkable place where nature and history meet. An exhilarating trek awaits in the heart of this valley, offering an unforgettable adventure. Discover in this article everything you need to know to prepare for this unique experience.

Part 1: Preparation

To fully enjoy this adventure, adequate preparation is essential. First and foremost, it is imperative to have the appropriate equipment for mountain hiking, such as hiking shoes, comfortable clothing, a flashlight, a first aid kit, and a well-adjusted backpack.

It is also crucial to train physically before departure to avoid the risk of injury. Focus on cardiovascular and muscular exercises a few weeks before the adventure. Finally, it is important to inquire about formalities as well as practical information, such as camping rules in the national park and opening hours of the refuges.

Part 2: Day 1

The departure is from Nice towards the Valley of Wonders. The first day of hiking ends at the Nice refuge where you can rest for the night after discovering spectacular landscapes that include the crossing of the Vésubie Valley and the crossing of the Vallette Pass.

Part 3: Day 2

The second day is dedicated to the discovery of the Prals lakes. After a morning hike, you will be amazed by the various lakes in the region, set in greenery. You will then arrive at the Valmasque refuge where you can rest while enjoying a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains.

Part 4: Day 3

The third day is rather ambitious, with a hike to the top of the Authion. You will also have the opportunity to visit the various archaeological sites in the valley, witnesses of human presence in this region since prehistoric times. The varied and spectacular landscape of this region will undoubtedly surprise you.

Part 5: Day 4

The last day of hiking will take you to the Gordolasque Valley where you can admire the richness of local fauna and flora. The hike ends at the Madone de Fenestre, a place of worship and reflection.


This trek in the Valley of Wonders offers a unique experience combining mountain hiking and the discovery of a historical and natural heritage. For all those who wish to conquer this adventure, meticulous physical and material preparation, and rigorous research on rules and practical information are imperative. The Mercantour is an ecological and cultural gem of France, and this trek will allow you to explore it in all its facets.

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