Test of the all-terrain Rolling TRANSPORTER 40 suitcase from Osprey.


In this article, we will be testing the Rolling Transporter 40 all-terrain suitcase from the Osprey brand. First, we will introduce the Osprey brand. Then, we will describe the features of this suitcase and finally, give our opinion on its performance.

Presentation of the Rolling Transporter 40 suitcase

The Rolling Transporter 40 is an all-terrain wheeled suitcase offered by the Osprey brand. Its dimensions are 56 x 36 x 23 cm, with a weight of 2.04 kg and a total capacity of 40 liters. It is built with strong materials, such as polycarbonate foam side panels. It is available in three different colors: black, gray, and blue.

The manufacturer advertises several advantages for this product, such as greater maneuverability and excellent shock resistance. In addition, the suitcase has an ergonomic design, with a telescoping handle and large, durable wheels to facilitate transportation.

Terrain Test of the Rolling Transporter 40 suitcase

We tested this suitcase in different environments to evaluate its performance in the city and in nature.

In an urban environment, the suitcase showed increased maneuverability and was easily transportable on public transportation. It also successfully withstood any impacts it may have encountered when stored in compartments.

In a natural environment, the suitcase proved its toughness by rolling easily on dirt paths and being easily transportable on rough terrain. This is a significant advantage for travelers who enjoy walking and exploring nature.

Additional information about the Osprey brand

Osprey is a brand specialized in the production of bags and luggage since 1974. It offers a premium positioning and is recognized for the quality of its products. In addition to the Rolling Transporter 40, Osprey offers a wide range of backpacks, suitcases, water pouches and other products for nature lovers.


After testing the Rolling Transporter 40 all-terrain suitcase from the Osprey brand, we can recommend this product for its toughness and increased functionality in all circumstances. However, it is important to choose luggage according to your own needs and intended use, as each traveler has different needs according to their trips. We therefore advise you to carefully consider your situation before making a purchase.

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