Discovery of the lakes of Vénétiere and their wildlife.

The Lakes and Wildlife of Veneto

Veneto is a region located in the Italian Alps, known for the beauty of its lakes and wildlife. In this article, we will introduce the various lakes of Veneto as well as the ibex, an emblematic species of the region.

The Lakes of Veneto

Veneto is an alpine region that is full of lakes of all sizes and shapes. In total, there are more than 200 lakes in the region, each with its own characteristics. Some lakes are larger than others, some are at a higher altitude. Glacial lakes are also very common in Veneto.

The geology and environment of each lake also vary, making each lake unique. Around the lakes, there are often hiking trails and a variety of outdoor activities such as fishing.

The Wildlife of Veneto: Ibex

Ibex are an emblematic species of goats in Veneto. Inhabitants of the high mountains, ibex have hooked horns and thick fur. Males and females have physical differences, making sex determination fairly simple.

Ibex live in very specific habitats and are often difficult to find. They are also known to be very agile and easily adapt to their environment. This makes them difficult to observe, but observations are possible in their natural habitat, particularly in the surroundings of the lakes of Veneto.

The Loops between the Lakes and Ibex

The lakes of Veneto can offer an ideal natural habitat for ibex. Therefore, ibex can be observed in their natural habitat around the lakes. However, it is important to observe safety rules when observing wildlife. It is best to have a local guide to assist visitors.


We have seen that Veneto offers a variety of unique lakes and emblematic alpine wildlife. It is our responsibility to preserve these species for future generations. We therefore invite you to appreciate the beauty of these lakes and observe the local wildlife with respect for these species.

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