Discover the must-visit destinations during a weekend in Bruges and Ghent!

Discover the must-sees for a perfect weekend in Bruges and Ghent

Bruges and Ghent are two wonderful Belgian cities that are worth visiting for their unique charm. A weekend will be enough to visit the most important tourist sites of each city without missing anything. In this article, we present our TOP 10 must-sees for a perfect weekend in these two cities. Keep reading to plan your dream trip.

Discovering Bruges

First, here are the must-see tourist sites in Bruges:

Visit the Grand-Place and Belfry

The Grand-Place of Bruges is a historic place filled with magnificent architectural buildings. The Belfry of Bruges, located in this square, is an essential symbol of the city that you cannot miss. By climbing the 83 meters high, you can enjoy an exceptional panoramic view of the city.

A Canal Walk in Bruges

Bruges is also known for its canals and one of the best ways to discover the city is to take a boat trip. You will stroll past colorful houses with unique architecture and you might even see swans swimming in the canal.

Discovery of the Burg and the Basilica of the Holy Blood

The Burg, located in the heart of Bruges, is a place where you can admire the magnificent historical buildings of the city. The highlight of this place is the Basilica of the Holy Blood which houses a phial containing blood presumed to belong to Jesus Christ. A fascinating place to visit.

Tasting chocolate at Dumon Chocolatier

Belgium is known for its quality chocolate and it would be a shame not to enjoy it during your visit to Bruges. One of the best places to taste Belgian chocolate is undoubtedly at Dumon Chocolatier. You will find a wide variety of exquisite chocolates and pralines that will delight your taste buds.

Discovering Ghent

Next, here are the must-see tourist sites in Ghent:

Visiting the Castle of the Counts of Flanders

The Castle of the Counts of Flanders is an essential place in the city of Ghent that represents the history of the Flemish region. Today, it houses a museum that will immerse you in the past of the city and its surroundings. Fascinating for history buffs.

Ascension of Ghent Belfry

The Ghent Belfry is an iconic building in the city. With its 91 meters high, a unique view of the city is offered to you. There is also a carillon of 54 bells that rings regularly and adds something special to the experience.

Discovery of Graslei and Korenlei, the picturesque quays of the city

These two quays border the River Lys and offer a magnificent view of the colorful houses located there. It is pleasant to walk around and stop at one of the many cafes and restaurants to enjoy a moment of relaxation in a peaceful atmosphere.

Tasting Belgian beer at the Dulle Griet Beer Bar

Belgian beer is an institution in Belgium! To discover exceptional Belgian beers, Dulle Griet Beer Bar in Ghent is one of the must-visit places. You can try the famous Kwak beer served in a casserole-shaped glass.

Must-Try Activities in Both Cities

But the perfect weekend is not complete without additional activities. Here are some ideas to do during your stay:

Tasting Belgian waffles at Chez Albert (Bruges) or Mokabon (Ghent)

Belgian waffles are a delicious and essential dessert in Belgium. You can taste them at Chez Albert in Bruges or Mokabon in Ghent, two of the most famous places for Belgian waffles.

Discovery of the Frites Museum in Bruges

Belgian fries are recognized worldwide. To learn more about their history and production, visit the Frites Museum in Bruges. You can also taste fresh and crispy fries: a treat for the taste buds!

Souvenir Shopping on Steenstraat in Bruges or Veldstraat in Ghent

Both cities have bustling shopping streets where you can buy typical Belgian souvenirs. Steenstraat in Bruges and Veldstraat in Ghent are two of the busiest and most popular shopping streets.

A Stroll in the Botanical Garden of Ghent

The botanical garden of Ghent, located in the heart of the city, is a peaceful place where you can stroll and admire nature. You can discover a wide variety of plants and flowers that will dazzle you throughout your walk.


All in all, Bruges and Ghent are two essential Belgian cities to discover. We hope that our TOP 10 must-sees for a perfect weekend in these two cities will please you and help you make the most of your visit.

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