Discover the magnificent waterfall of Cirque de Gavarnie.

The Cirque de Gavarnie and its waterfall: a natural wonder of the Pyrenees

The Cirque de Gavarnie is a remarkable natural site nestled in the heart of the French Pyrenees. This glacial valley was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. At the center of the circus, one can admire the majestic Gavarnie Waterfall, which towers over 400 meters in height.

The Cirque de Gavarnie

Located in the Hautes-Pyrénées department, the Cirque de Gavarnie is known for its imposing and grandiose appearance. With its cliffs reaching 1,500 meters in height and its famous peaks such as Casque, Tour, and Taillon, the Cirque de Gavarnie has fascinated tourists for more than two centuries. This unique place also has a rich history, having been used as a strategic passage for soldiers during the Spanish War and as a location for numerous films and documentaries.

The geological peculiarities of the region include the presence of limestone rocks that give rise to phenomena such as sinkholes and dolines.

The waterfall

The Gavarnie Waterfall attracts visitors with its incomparable beauty. It is the highest in Europe, with a height of over 400 meters. It offers a grandiose spectacle, with the water cascading down the rocky wall, creating a mist that gives the place a fairy-like appearance. It is also a privileged observation site for mountain fauna and flora enthusiasts.

The force of the water is also perceptible thanks to the sounds it produces during its descent. When it meets the rocks, it creates a powerful sound that resonates in the circus and can be heard several kilometers away.

Moreover, the Gavarnie Falls is one of the most visited sites in the region. It is a true emblematic site of Pyrenean tourism. Every year, it attracts enthusiasts, curious visitors, families in search of adventure, and nature lovers coming to admire this wonder of nature.

The activities in the circus and at the waterfall

The Cirque de Gavarnie offers a multitude of activities for visitors of all ages. Hiking is the most popular, with circuits of all levels, in the Pyrenees National Park. In winter, winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing are the most popular activities. It is also possible to practice climbing, canyoning, and other outdoor activities.

Entertainment is not lacking in the region. You can discover the picturesque surrounding villages, taste local gastronomy, and visit museums and historical sites.

Environmental issues

Raising awareness among the population for the preservation of nature is a priority for the regional tourism office. The Cirque de Gavarnie is a unique gem that must be protected. It is important to respect the rules of circulation and conservation of local fauna and flora in order to preserve this incredible site for future generations.

Measures have been put in place to maintain the balance of the fragile ecosystem of the circus and prevent degradation. Maintaining the beauty and biodiversity of the Cirque de Gavarnie is a priority for the regional tourism office.


The Cirque de Gavarnie and its waterfall are a natural wonder that must be discovered. Its grandiose beauty will leave you speechless. In addition to this, the numerous activities offered on-site will allow you to experience unforgettable experiences. It is an ideal place for nature lovers, adventurers, enthusiasts, and the curious. But let us not forget that respect for nature and its balances is essential so that these natural treasures can continue to be admired and protected.

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