Discover the Gaube Lake and the Pont d’Espagne waterfall during an unforgettable excursion.

The Beauty of the Pyrenees: Discover Lake Gaube and Pont d’Espagne Waterfall

The Pyrenees, a famous mountain range, bring together a wild and magnificent nature that offers many experiences to live. Among the most enchanting places, we can mention Lake Gaube and Pont d’Espagne Waterfall, which are located in the Pyrenees National Park.

I. Lake Gaube

Lake Gaube is located in the territory of the commune of Cauterets, in the department of Hautes-Pyrénées. It is located at an altitude of 1,709 meters and is surrounded by mountains. The lake is an old alpine moraine created by glaciers that shaped the Pyrenees.

The lake has a rich and interesting history. It has long been a popular place for mountain enthusiasts and tourists who come to admire the reflections of the sun on the water. During the 1920s and 1930s, tourism experienced a period of splendor with the opening of many hotels and refuges in the Pyrenees. Today, Lake Gaube is a must-see site for vacationers in search of nature and tranquility.

II. Activities offered around Lake Gaube

The lake is a wonderful place to recharge and enjoy nature. Visitors can participate in a wide variety of activities according to their desires and age:

  • Hiking: Lake Gaube is a starting point for several hikes of all levels. Hikers can admire the beauty of the lake, the surrounding landscape, and the numerous waterfalls such as the Cascade du Cerisey.
  • Fishing: The lake is full of trout and salmon, which delight passionate fishermen.
  • Mountain sports: Lake Gaube is also a popular area for climbing and mountaineering enthusiasts who can indulge in their passion in a prestigious setting.

III. Pont d’Espagne Waterfall

Pont d’Espagne Waterfall is also located in the Pyrenees National Park. It is famous for its fall, which rises to a height of about 30 meters and is fed by mountain streams.

As with Lake Gaube, Pont d’Espagne Waterfall has its own history. It was recognized as an enchanting site since the 18th century, when it was visited by romantic painters who were amazed by the beauty of the place. The waterfall is now one of the most popular destinations for tourists visiting the Pyrenees, especially for its wild beauty and peaceful setting.

IV. Activities offered around Pont d’Espagne Waterfall

The activities offered around Pont d’Espagne Waterfall are numerous and varied:

  • Hiking: Visitors can go on a hike in the Vidal course where several panoramic views of the Pyrenees are offered
  • Observation of fauna and flora: Pont d’Espagne Waterfall is a protected area for biodiversity. It offers a unique opportunity for nature lovers to discover many species of birds, mammals, rare and endemic floras.
  • Visit of surrounding sites: History and heritage enthusiasts can visit the surrounding sites of Pont d’Espagne, notably the refuge of Oulettes de Gaube which is a historical witness of the history of the Pyrenees.

Invitation to discover the beauty of the Pyrenees

In summary, Lake Gaube and Pont d’Espagne Waterfall are among the places that make the Pyrenees famous. They offer a multitude of experiences to live in a natural setting of great beauty. We invite tourists and mountain enthusiasts to discover these sites to immerse themselves in this atmosphere of another time.

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