Discover the addresses to taste pintxos in Bilbao, the succulent Basque tapas.

Discover the best places to taste pintxos in Bilbao

Pintxos, the famous “Basque tapas”, are a must-try culinary specialty of the city of Bilbao. But where can you find the best pintxos in town? In this article, we present a selection of the best places to taste these delicious bites in Bilbao.

1) Bars in the historic district:
The historic district of the city is the place to taste the most traditional and authentic pintxos. The bars offer specialties based on local fish, meat and vegetables. We particularly recommend El Globo Bar, Sorginzulo Bar, and El Mercado de la Ribera Bar.

2) Bars on Ledesma Street:
Ledesma Street is known as the “pintxos path” in Bilbao. In this street, numerous bars offer a wide variety of pintxos, with original and modern recipes. We particularly recommend La Viña del Ensanche Bar, La Olla Bar, and Bacaicoa Bar.

3) Bars in Plaza Nueva area:
The Plaza Nueva area also houses numerous bars that offer a wide variety of pintxos. This is where you can taste the famous pintxo called “Gilda”. Among the recommended bars in this area are El Maestro Bar, Gure Toki Bar, and Victor Montes Bar.

In summary, to taste the best pintxos in Bilbao, you should go to the historic districts of the city, Ledesma Street, or the Plaza Nueva area. Each of these places has its own particularities and its own must-visit bars for fans of local gastronomy.

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