Discover LAC DE CROP without skipping Col de la Mine de Fer.

The Crop Lake and the Mine de Fer Pass: a natural wonder to discover

Located in a mountainous region of France, the Crop Lake is a true natural gem listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Famous for its beauty and unique features, such as its impressive size of 10 km² and its depth of up to 70 meters, it attracts tourists from around the world.

A must-see on the way to the Crop Lake, the Mine de Fer Pass extends over a mountainous region that offers a panoramic view of the surroundings and houses a rich geological and mining history.

Hiking to the Crop Lake: an unforgettable experience

Despite its difficulty, the hike to the Crop Lake is an unforgettable experience that takes about 3 hours. The landscape is absolutely beautiful: a dense forest and majestic mountains provide the backdrop. During the hike, tourists can admire the breathtaking view of the Mine de Fer Pass, which is located at an altitude of 2900 meters.

The Mine de Fer Pass is also famous for its geological and mining history. Miners extracted iron ore there and the area is marked today by this fascinating historical heritage.

The Crop Lake in detail: nature reserve and historical heritage

The Crop Lake region is rich in flora and fauna. Tourists can encounter unique animal and plant species there, including the golden eagle and mountain chamois. Many tourist activities are offered there, ranging from fishing to aquatic hiking to enjoying local specialties.

In addition, the region is known for its rich historical heritage. Tourists can discover the history of the ancient iron mines and the surrounding region through guided tours organized by local authorities.

Practical tips for a successful visit

For a successful visit, it is recommended to choose the most suitable itinerary according to your physical condition and preferences. It is also important to respect the environment and safety rules for a pleasant and safe visit experience.

Practical recommendations for enjoying the visit include respecting the fauna and flora, reducing waste production, as well as respecting instructions issued by local authorities.


The Crop Lake and the Mine de Fer Pass are true natural wonders that deserve to be discovered. This fascinating region offers a unique experience for tourists and also raises awareness of the importance of preserving and protecting the environment. We encourage people to visit this incredible place and contribute to its preservation for future generations.

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