Discover a refreshing hike to the Seven Lakes in the Belledonne mountain range.

Explore the Sept Laux Lakes for a refreshing summer experience

Looking for a refreshing activity this summer? Discover the Sept Laux Lakes, a wonderful place to explore the mountains while enjoying crystal clear lakes. Follow our guide to plan your visit.

Tips for preparing your hike

Before you go, here are some practical information to help you plan your hike. The route is approximately 13 km long, with an altitude gain of 900 meters, making it a moderately difficult hike. The access is easily accessible by car, taking the main road towards Col des Sept Laux. For more details on the itinerary, just follow the signs towards Lac de la Grande Sitre. The hike can take from 4 to 6 hours, depending on your pace and physical condition. You will discover lakes such as Lac de la Grande Sitre or Lac de la Motte.

Incredible landscapes to discover

In addition to the attraction of the lakes, the region is famous for its mountain fauna and flora. You can spot chamois, ibex or marmots. The landscapes are breathtaking and the peaks surrounding the lakes offer an amazing view of the Alpine range.

Our practical tips for a successful hike

It is important to plan for adequate equipment for a successful hike. We recommend comfortable hiking shoes, a backpack with water and food, suitable clothing according to the weather, and sunscreen to protect your skin. Prepare yourself physically before leaving for this hike.

In conclusion

All in all, the Sept Laux Lakes is an ideal hike for all mountain lovers wishing to discover remarkable landscapes and swim in magnificent lakes. By following our practical tips, you will be able to fully enjoy this hike and create unforgettable memories. Don’t wait any longer, plan your next adventure in this beautiful mountain region now!

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