Discover a 3-day itinerary to complete a beautiful tour of Mont Thabor.

An unforgettable 3-day trek at Mont Thabor

Mont Thabor is a mountain range located in the Southern Alps, in the department of Savoie. It offers magnificent natural scenery for hiking enthusiasts. This blog aims to present a 3-day trek at Mont Thabor for those who want to experience a unique adventure.

Day 1: departure from the Valfréjus trail

The Valfréjus trail is the starting point for this 3-day trek. It offers panoramic views of the valley and the surrounding natural landscapes. The first step is to reach the Barmettes refuge, located about two hours’ walk away. The landscape is unique, with a passage through the Barmettes lakes that provide a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains.

Day 2: ascent of Mont Thabor

The second day is dedicated to the ascent of Mont Thabor. The climb to the summit is demanding but rewarded with a breathtaking view of the Alps. The descent is then planned by passing through the Mont Thabor refuge. The landscape there is unique.

Day 3: return via Névache

The third day is dedicated to discovering the village of Névache. The landscapes throughout the day are magnificent, with the return journey taking the GR57. Hikers can dive into nature and discover unique spaces while taking souvenir photos.

Practical advice and equipment

To undertake this 3-day trek, it is important to have practical information and adequate equipment. Hiking shoes, a backpack, warm and light clothing are recommended. It is also important to provide provisions in sufficient quantities for the entire adventure.


The 3-day trek at Mont Thabor is an unforgettable experience for nature lovers. The beauty of the surrounding landscapes, the richness of human encounters and local culture will be there. This trek is an experience to be absolutely lived for hiking and adventure enthusiasts.

Bonus: other hikes to take in the Southern Alps

Hiking enthusiasts can also discover other interesting trails in the area. Among the possible hiking suggestions, we have notably the Eau d’Olle circuit, the Mercantour crossing, the discovery of the Ecrins mountain range and many others. These hikes offer magnificent views and allow you to experience unique adventures in nature.

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