Discover 3 routes to push the limits during your visit to PARMELAN.

Le Parmelan: Must-Do Hikes in Haute-Savoie

At the heart of Haute-Savoie, come and discover the Parmelan massif and its breathtaking landscapes. The Parmelan is famous for its three hiking trails that will provide you with unique sensations and exceptional panoramic views. In this article, we present these three routes to help you plan your next hike.

The Parmelan: Presentation

Located in the French Prealps, the Parmelan massif covers 6,239 hectares. Rising to 1,861 meters above sea level, it is bordered by several villages and towns, including Annecy, Pringy, Montagny-les-Lanches, and Villaz. This mythical mountain also has a rich history and is associated with many legends.

Route #1: Loop from Chalets de la Buffaz

The loop from Chalets de la Buffaz is a medium-difficulty hike that takes about 3 hours to complete, with an elevation gain of about 688 meters. The landscape is striking and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. During this hike, you will pass by Pointe du Midi and Col de la Sambuy. Don’t forget to check the weather conditions before departing and bring enough water, food, and appropriate clothing to protect yourself from wind and cold.

Route #2: Ascent from the Grotte de l’Enfer

This hike starts at the Grotte de l’Enfer and requires about 4 hours of walking to complete, with an elevation gain of 1,000 meters. The most famous places on this route are Pairière, Hauts de Villards, and Roche Perfia. It is a difficult level hike, with narrow and exposed passages that require special attention.

Route #3: Traverse between Bout du Monde and Crêt de l’Aigle

Known for its panoramic views, this hike requires about 6 hours to complete. With an elevation gain of 1,000 meters, it will take you along the ridge of Parmelan, which offers breathtaking views of Lake Annecy. Points of interest are numerous, including Grotte de l’Enfer, the rocher de l’Ours, the roc des Bœufs, and Crêt de l’Aigle. Weather conditions should be taken into account before departing, as conditions can quickly become difficult.


We have presented the three must-do hiking routes on Parmelan. Each course has its own challenges and attractions, so choose according to your physical condition and preferences. We advise you to plan your hikes according to the season and weather conditions. Don’t forget to bring enough food, water, and equipment to protect your body. Feel free to share your hiking experiences in the comments. Happy hiking!

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