Contemplation of the Trou de la Mouche at sunset.

Contemplating the sunset from Trou de la Mouche

Trou de la Mouche is a beautiful place to contemplate the sunset. In this article, I propose to discover the different ways to access the site and the activities to do during the evening.


Located in the Annecy region, Trou de la Mouche is a naturally formed and renowned site for its beauty. The sunset offers a breathtaking spectacle. In the rest of this article, we will discover the reasons that make this place a unique spot to appreciate the sunset.

How to access Trou de la Mouche

To reach Trou de la Mouche, you have different hiking trails. It is also possible to access it by car by following specific indications. However, it is recommended to inquire about the different options and to be well prepared before leaving.

Trou de la Mouche at the end of the day

The atmosphere is particularly pleasant at Trou de la Mouche at the end of the day. The place is home to rich and varied fauna and flora, and the sunset adds a magical light to the entire site. The different viewpoints to admire the sunset make this experience unique.

The colors of the sky

The bright and flamboyant colors of the sky observed during the sunset are due to the diffraction of light. The sky seen from Trou de la Mouche offers a spectacular and unique view due to the relief of the area.

Activities to do during the evening

Once the sun is set, it is possible to observe the stars in a sky rid of any light pollution. You can also enjoy the setting for a picnic and appreciate a convivial evening in the great outdoors. Other activities such as night walks are also possible to extend this unique experience.


In conclusion, Trou de la Mouche is an exceptional place to contemplate the sunset. Its natural beauty and the different activities make it a magical place to discover. We invite you to go there and enjoy this extraordinary site.

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