Alternative title: Discover Mont Bégo, a legendary and capricious summit in the Alpes-Maritimes.

Mont Bégo – A Must-Do Climb


Mont Bégo, located in the Mercantour region, is an emblematic location in the area. This mountain, culminating at an altitude of 2,872 meters, is renowned for its prehistoric rock carvings, its mysterious legends, and its breathtaking landscapes.

Part 1: The Legends Surrounding Mont Bégo

The rock carvings on Mont Bégo date back to about 4,000 BC and remain a mystery to historians and archaeologists. Popular legends tell that these carvings were made either by gods or by beings from elsewhere.

One legend also tells the story of a cursed king, punished by the gods and forced to walk the mountain until the end of time. Finally, according to popular beliefs, the mountain is a passage between the world of the living and that of the dead.

Part 2: Climbing Mont Bégo

The climb up Mont Bégo can be done by several routes, each offering different landscapes. The climb is considered difficult and requires good physical condition, as well as precautions to be taken before departure. Climbers must be equipped with appropriate gear and be well-informed about weather conditions.

Part 3: Surprises of Mont Bégo

Mont Bégo is also known for its geological peculiarities, notably for its reddish rocks, witnesses to past volcanic activity. Climbers may also encounter rare animals and plant species, such as the chamois or star-leaved saxifrage.

Finally, the reward for the climb is the stunning view of the Mercantour and the Alps, offering a grand spectacle for hikers who reach the summit.


In summary, the climb up Mont Bégo is a physical and spiritual challenge, offering adventurers a unique and emotion-packed experience. Through legends, geological peculiarities, and stunning views of surrounding landscapes, hikers are invited to discover the beauty of this mythical mountain and the Mercantour region in all its splendor.

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